Cashback Rewards

Drive customer engagement and help both your retail customers save money and your business customers maximise their marketing budget through a mutually beneficial ecosystem.

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We are the leading experts in best practice approach to bank integration and content sourcing from merchants.

  • Transaction-Driven Marketing as a service (SaaS)–Platform and Content
  • Personalized rewards based on purchase history
  • Both online and offline Rewards
  • Self-service merchant portal
  • Merchant funded-discount & commission fees (pay for performance)
  • Seamless redemption through use of connected payment accounts

Reward your customers

and help them spend wisely

Meniga Rewards offers customers of a bank a simple way to use relevant discount offers in the bank’s online channels. In a few simple steps, users can opt-in to receive personalized rewards.

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Cashback Overview

  • Give users an overview of their cashback earnings over certain time periods

Offer collections

  • Gives users an overview of relevant offers

Share location

  • Users can see offers close to them by sharing their location

Push notifications

  • Give users updates on their transactions through push notifications

Transaction Details

  • Gives users information about individual transactions and the ability to report a problem

Don’t miss out

  • Show the maximum amount of cashback available to each user based on the rewards available to them

Offer Details

  • Gives users all available information regarding the offer and the merchant

Latest Purchase

  • Allow users to see their most recent cashback earned or rewards unlocked
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Help your SMEs grow their business

through targeted Cashback Campaigns

Through our flexible API, combine all accounts in one view. Regardless of currency, product, integration model, or the account provider.

  • Precise targeted campaigns for either New Customers or Customer Retention
  • Inch ahead of nearest rivals and competition
  • Avoid unnecessary marketing costs and pay only for actual purchases
  • Utilise transaction data to reveal spending behaviours and patterns