Data Consolidation
and Enrichment

Start making data work for your bank. Our data engine is tried and tested with leading banks across over 30 markets. There’s nothing we haven’t seen.

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Data Management


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Harness the power
of Transaction Data

Transactions are for banks what songs are for Spotify, likes are for Facebook, and shows are for Netflix. Through data, gain valuable insights into the financial health and habits of your customers.

  • Market-leading data consolidation
  • Intuitive merchant mapping & enrichment
  • Most accurate categorization technology on the market

Put legacy systems
in the past

At Meniga we’ve seen it all. Whatever the system your bank is using, we can consolidate any transactional data into a single repository and get it ready for insights.

  • Enrich banking data with 3rd party sources
  • AI and machine learning delivering accurate information
  • Fully PSD2 compliant and Open Banking ready
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Drastically improve
customer engagement

Many banks are having problems with their customer engagement. Meet their needs and provide a data-driven digital banking experience.

  • Insightful transaction details
  • Clearly categorized transactions through automatic sorting
  • A holistic view of their accounts
  • Actionable insights for them to be proactive in their financial health