A modular set of solutions to help you achieve your targets

Meniga’s API-first toolkit of use cases have been designed to specifically support digital banks.​

Help customers with financial wellness while reaching new heights in business outcomes

Whether you are looking to generate new sources of revenue or ways to activate customers to login and engage frequently and consistently, Meniga will support you in reaching any goal.

From financial management to sustainability, our use cases creates a tailored digital banking user experience while supporting your customers live healthier and more sustainable financial lives.

What are your customers calling for?

Financial Management

Empower customers to take control of their personal finances with easy-to-use budgeting and interactive reports.

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Introduce automated savings rules and gamified goals to your digital bank to help your customers accumulate savings.

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Cashflow Assistant

Relieve stress of liquidity problems by giving customers an accurate projection of their left-to-spend funds given current balance and upcoming transactions

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Motivate customers towards sustainability by providing an accurate picture of their carbon footprint and the tools needed to take action.

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Rewards Platform

Deliver personalised offers based on your customers’ purchase history, helping generate savings from their favourite brands

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