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“We see Meniga as an innovation partner to give our customers a digital experience that includes a better overview and insights of all their finances.”

Lotta Lovén
Head of Digital Banking
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Meniga banking innovation workshops ensure that your bank builds the right apps.

For the past decade, Meniga has worked with banks around the globe to create highly engaging banking apps.

Making everything for everybody is not a smart strategy. Banks need to be quick to market, and they need to deliver the right features and functionality for their customers.

Build the banking app

your customers are waiting for

The app you build and the services you offer should not only be in line with your business objectives but shaped by the needs and wants of your customers.

Is your bank starting its innovation journey? Is it necessary for your bank to reevaluate its strategy? The best place to start is to start with your customers.

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Meniga Value Creation Workshop

is custom made for digital banking

We tackle the essential questions that you should be asking yourselves before you invest in innovation:

What services or functionality bring the most value in our banking app? Which products or services are essential? What is the pain points we can help relieve in the daily lives of our customers?

  • Gain quick customer insights
  • Takes only one day
  • Can be done remotely, across continents and time zones
  • Focus on the jobs users need to able to do
  • Eliminate pain points and create gains for the customers
  • What products or services should be available to users in the app

in store?

The outcome is a value proposition that provides a clear picture of what your customers need and want from their banking apps. The finding also guides product offering and services.

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