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Meniga is a global leader in digital banking solutions, working with some of the largest financial institutions in the world as well as many other players in the market. Our teams are filled with highly experienced thought leaders that want nothing more than to share interesting insights, news and best practices with you.

Insight Reports

Carbon Conscious Banking

Through digital banking solutions, banks have a real opportunity to serve these tangible demands of the carbon conscious consumer. They are in the perfect position to take the lead on making an impact in the fight to protect our planet, as they build a customer journey around carbon footprinting and green financial products.

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Financial Fitness in a Post-Covid Economy

Born out of the recession of 2008, Meniga’s origins give us a unique perspective on best practices for digital banks in times of crisis.

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Innovating with Open Banking

The Open Banking revolution, sparked by new data regulations such as PSD2 and the growing competition from new players is forcing banks to up their game. See how innovative use of customer financial data and select partnerships are now key if banks are to survive and prosper.

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Meaningful engagement

Banks can learn a lot from the user experience of Facebook, Fitbit & other digital leaders. See how banks can develop meaningful engagement in their digital channels.

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Data-driven Business Models

Banks face a wide-open opportunity to develop new business models by using data. See how banks can drive deeper engagement and build new revenue streams through personalised Card-Linked Offers and Market Insights.

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Meniga’s Product Brochure

Meniga is helping leading banks around the world personalise their digital customer experience, increase engagement and create new business models through innovative technology and solutions.

Carbon Insight drives loyalty for banks